Casket sprays


Casket sprays are traditionally sent by the closest family members or spouse to place on the casket during visitation and funeral services. They are available in 'quarter' or half-casket' sizes for open casket services, and 'full casket' size for closed casket services. 

Prices and images are mainly for guidance- if you have a particular budget in mind or wish to place a custom order, you are not limited by the choices shown here. Ideally, we will be able to talk in person or on the phone regarding your funeral piece, as family tributes and memorial services are so personal. 

Please call Jen at 613-545-9229 (toll free 1-855-585-9229) if you need to order a casket piece for a service. 

We'll consider your loved one's favourite colours or flowers, places they loved spending time, or activities they enjoyed. By learning a little bit about them, we can ensure we create a unique arrangement to honour their life story and express your memories during the service.









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