Wedding rental items - Sage Flowers-Kingston Ontario

Coming soon-

Need an arch to beautifully frame your ceremony? Our birch arch looks beautiful by itself, with fabric drape... or of course with fresh flowers and greenery! 

The arch  is built to be easily assembled and taken apart. We recommend having at least two people to lift and assemble. If you have a pickup truck for transport, that is ideal- the arch was designed to 'juuuust' fit into my station wagon with the seats down- approx 7' tall and 6' wide when put together.  (4 metal spikes go into ground for stability.)  

Available pending 'the florist dotting her i's and crossing her t's on rental contracts with her lawyer' 

birch wedding arch


Available now- Need a lift? 

rustic stool, classic podium, and white square pedestals for rent at sage flowers

Rustic, classic and white 'cube' pedestals available to rent for your event, $10 each


 white rental pedestals by sage flowers set up at the Queens University Club in Kingston

aisle for an outdoor wedding at the ivy restaurant in ivy lea ontario