About our funeral flowers

peach and pink flowers around a chalkboard sign that says made with loveWe design your sympathy flowers in a natural,  'non-funeral-looking'  style, so the family will feel welcome to take them home after the service.  Customers come to us for something that feels like it was just picked from the garden.
If you wish to send a traditional, ‘geometric’ shaped tribute, with flowers such as lily, gladiola and carnations, we’re honestly not the best fit to create these for you. We suggest that you contact some of the larger shops in town- some of these shops have been in operation for generations, and have designers on staff with true expertise in this traditional style.

At Sage Flowers, our goal is to provide the most thoughtful, meaningful tributes that we can. If possible, let us know a little bit about the person you wish to honour: we’ll incorporate favourite flowers, colours, pass-times or mementos to make your flowers truly personal.

We may contact you if we have questions about your order. (Please call  613-545-9229 or 1-855-585-9229 or email info@sageflowers.ca if you would like to discuss your flowers. )

We're here to help- if you aren't sure what to send, what to write on a card, or need assistance finding details about a visitation or service, please let us know. 
For a listing of local funeral homes and obituaries, please click here.