Funeral and Sympathy flowers

Commemorate a loved one or send your sympathies with thoughtful, custom designed flowers. We can deliver your tribute and sympathy flowers to local funeral homes, or to the family home. 

We design your sympathy flowers in a natural,  'non-funeral-looking'  style, so the family will feel welcome to take them home after the service. 

At Sage Flowers, our goal is to provide the most thoughtful, meaningful tributes that we can. We know it's difficult to personalise orders placed online-  please call  613-545-9229 or 1-855-585-9229 or email to discuss the details of your order. 

We're here to help- if you aren't sure what to send, what to write on a card, or need assistance finding details about a visitation or service, please let us know. 

 For a list of local funeral homes and Kingston area obituary listings, please click here

*Prices shown include delivery within Kingston City Limits.  For addresses outside this area, please select the appropriate surcharge at checkout.