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'The Winter of our Discontent'- or 'Give me blankie and carbs now. thank you.'

'The Winter of our Discontent'- or 'Give me blankie and carbs now. thank you.'

I'm realising just how much of a hermit I turned into over the  winter. HIBERNATION. A fantastic idea!  It's really being underscored by running into dear folks I haven't seen all winter, realising I haven't seen them all winter, and then when they ask, "What have you been up to lately?"  


full body sweater on a person  

can't put my arms down kid in a huge snowsuit

If I didn't have to go to work and wear pants and do all of those society-expectation things, I think I would have just hidden on my couch under a sleeping bag Nov-April. And only eat bread and cookies and cake and candy.   

Can't count the number of times I made it home in crappy weather only to slam the door and do the 'run for jammies' while hollering about how I was NOT going back out there. (and I have never had to take so many snow-ice days from work...)

The critters have been warming their feet on the humans and stealing their  spots on the couch.kitten sleeping in a patch of sun

In work life, with no local blooms or garden bits to rely on, it feels like I'm only using the same flowers and colours day in day out- total work and life sluggishness. 

I'm feeling my motivation returning a little as Mother Nature teases us with the sun, or with the odd plus-digits-temperature. I'm ordering in some different stuff here and there at the studio. The house...urggghhh the yard-   seeing piles of yard debris etc popping out of the snow as it recedes.... wah. At least guilt&mortification are powerful motivators....

And the to-do list grows... 

How are your end of winter blahs? What puts a pepper in your stepper these days? What are you most looking forward to with this change of seasons? 

flowers in a sunny windowsill

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