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Thank you and Happy New Year!

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Thank you so much to my husband, mom, family, friends, helpers, customers, flower grower colleagues, wholesalers, people just coming in to look or chat,  plaza neighbours- EVERYONE. You all helped carry me through the trashcan fire of a year that was 2022!

As a human and as a business-entity, there were moments this past year when I was not sure I could keep going. Your extra patience and understanding as I tried to navigate scary new rapids is what got me through-- seriously, I hope you can tell how grateful I am through your phone or tablet or laptop screen right now! 

I will be opening up wedding inquiries again soon, and we are now taking orders for delivery when we re open the shop on Weds Jan 4. Prices are still WILD, supply chain is still full of issues, and we're all collectively feeling a little less trusting about this 'new year' business than we were before 2019... but I think we can do it. Looking forward to helping you celebrate some beautiful moments.   Take care out there! -Jen 

floral columns for a wedding ceremony at the lakefront isabel bader centre

two friends cuttting pink snapdragon blooms in a late summer flower field

a dog comes towards the camera looking for TREATSA fuzzy dog comes towards the camera looking for TREATS

floral columnns for a wedding at the isabel bader centre

a flower shop full of autumn cermony arrangements

glowing sun on a christmas arrangement with red roses, berries, pinecones, cinammon sticks, skimmmia berries and a dried orange slice




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