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State of the Flower Union- Stage 1 Retail reopening in Ontario

State of the Flower Union- Stage 1 Retail reopening in Ontario

Hello everyone, 

I have been losing sleep over joining the party and fully re opening for Ontario's 'Stage 1'. Time to be decisive.  I am going to continue with curbside pickup and delivery orders only, and wait until June before allowing walk in traffic.   

Why?  What's the point of having a new shop if I'm not letting people drop in unannounced?  Especially when Kingston has dodged the COVID 19 bullet for now?

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The point is that viruses don't care about the point of things. They won't change their behaviour based on a relaxing of rules after months of stress. They won't change their behaviour based on the beautiful weather, the long weekend holidays, over being sick and tired of missing loved ones. Especially when it feels so safe. Viruses have zero feelings and one job: enter the host, start replicating. Get new host. Replicate. 

But people... yeah. We're one of the few living things that do caring. Creatures of emotion and reaction. And we have a lot of feelings about how we are going to react. 

90% of the time, this is a one-woman operation.  Julianna isn't ready to take over the shop if I drop dead. And I frigging love me! I want to liiiiiiiive! 

While I don't have kids, I do have a husband and a family and other responsibilities..

And I have huge potential to be a disease vector without even knowing it.  We're a city of seniors and care homes. Guess where I send a lot of flowers?  Typhoid Mary= No good and not cute. 

Somebody inadvertently making me into an inadvertent Typhoid Mary? WAAH. 

I've been thinking a lot about an analogy in a novel I love* 

to paraphrase: 

I could be (any one of us could be) the naval mine against the side of the Ark. 

And as a friend-blogger-doctor of mine* says: Kingston dodged the bullet for now. But are we dealing with a revolver or a machine gun? 

I've caught myself being complacent because I live in this little safe bubble of a city with a silver spoon up my butt & what have you.  The little safe bubble perfectly midway between harder hit cities. And just a little boat ride away from some of the world's major outbreaks. 

Perfect situation for a virus to find host, replicate, find new host, replicate, repeat. 

I am going to hold off and check Ontario's numbers 10 days after the long weekend and early days of retail stores re opening. We should have a better idea where the province is headed by June..

Until then- furiously googling 'where buy clorox wipe Kingston', busting a move on some flowers, trying to shop local, putting 6' distance duct tape markers on the floor, appreciative of all the support even though I feel so rude saying 'stay out'.

With love& nervousness& hope,  


 * excellent book- but a ton of my friends say 'no, due to horrible title!'  A Scientific Romance by Ontario's very own Ronald Wright.  It's an HG Wells thing.  Maybe my friends have a point.... 

** excellent blog by local cool fellow and doctor (like medicine doctor! aka person we can listen to re. ronas&covids!)

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