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Secret Heart- or " If you won't sign their Valentine's card, don't send them flowers." or "don't be creeping".

Secret Heart- or " If you won't sign their Valentine's card, don't send them flowers." or "don't be creeping".

I know, I know.

I'm a florist, so I am supposed to promote sending flowers for all occasions all the time, because businessladies are supposed to always make a good profit, but honestly..... sometimes it's a bad idea. 

And sometimes that time is Feb 14th.  

Here's the thing: in order to send someone flowers at home, the florist needs to know their home address and their phone number. 

To send someone flowers at work, the florist needs to know their full name, where they work, when they begin and end their shift.... 

The person buying the flowers supplies this information.

You can see where I'm going with this. 

person in anonymous mask holding a bunch of flowers

No one wants to not know who knows where they live, and when they will be at a certain place on a certain day.

Ignore the movies and pop culture on this one!! (Honestly, ignore pop culture and the movies on any super romantic 'chasing down a crush' pointers', but that's a whole other website and blog and twitter hashtag...) 

That person from your class who you've never spoken with?  Your secret partner and/or affair partner?  Your ex on bad terms? That person you don't really know, and they haven't really been picking up what you've been putting down the last couple of times you've seen them at the club or at that house party, but honestly, this hundred and fifty buck bunch of roses should do the trick....  The person with the restraining order against you? (I'm not exaggerating, unfortunately) 


I have had women ask me (So far in my career, it has always been women.) "Who are these from?" And their tone of voice is not happy or excited. I have had women tell me, "I don't want the flowers, please don't bring them here."  I have had women tell me "please don't accept any more orders for me from this guy" (we already had his license plate number and a description pinned to the workroom wall just in case....) 

For the last example, I was an employee at ashop. And while I was on the phone with the woman worried about her stalker, we had a memorial bunch for a female victim of domestic murder chillin' in the fridge. 


That's when I decided when I opened my own studio, I would not do anonymous orders. I"ll send a card with your nickname or 'guess who?' etc, but if the recipient asks me who you are, I will SQUEEEEEEAAAAAL like a piggie. First name, last name, city. If you're not happy with this being potentially disclosed, then I am not the gal for you. 

I've lost two or three orders because of this policy. Probably from people with perfectly fine & good intentions. And I'm more than fine with that.  (that being said, dude,don't tell me " it's a surprise from a group of friends" one second and then tell me the card message is  "I think you are so beautiful. No signature! My name won't be anywhere on this, right?" The florist does not like this. It makes her irritable and less inclined to help you.)   

Super expensive flowers sent from a stranger isn't as romantic as you might think. Honestly, in most cases, it's best to err on the side of assuming it will make the recipient really uncomfortable.  Big ticket items aren't for casual first dates, you know?


Come ooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Repeat after me: conversations first. Large purchases second. Or like, fifth. 

If  you must gift, but you're not ready to sign your full name and address on that card and let the parents and room mates and co workers know exactly who you are.... it's better to think of another gift.

Make a donation to a charity you know the person supports, and you can tell them about it next time you see them. Say 'hey can I buy you a drink' the next time you see them at the club.  A few flowers on a first date= YES. A humungous bunch of lots of money flowers on zero dates? =NOOOOO

Flowers aren't for strangers. Because knowing the details of a person's comings&goings and work schedule and knowing where they live and sleep..... Not for strangers! 

Just don't. 

Good talk.

Now take that anonymous flower money you were going to spend on a weird 80s movie fantasy, and spend it on something you know you really want. For you. Then everyone gets to have a great day, whether it's February or the 14th or whatever. 


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