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It's time to play 'Name that Flower'- blush and pale pink roses

If you pop into the shop on a Friday during wedding season, you may see me shuffling around, covered in leaves,  laughing at my own jokes. It's part of my artistic process! If the bride's colours are blush pinks and ivories, odds are good one of my favourite jokes will be announcing "my colours are BLUSH AND BASHFUL,' in my best impression of Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias. 

This wedding season I had a good mix of blush and ivory brides as well as brides who really wanted colour- one thing I have noticed is that the paler shades have a lot more going on than you might think! Bright splashes of colour make a big impact from far away, and the paler tones make me contemplate. They 'draw me in' as a viewer... I look more closely for texture, for shades of green or pink or even burgundy within the pale pink and cream. 

I took this photo in the shop while conditioning roses for a big blowout ivory-pink-blush wedding weekend, and thought I should add the rose variety names... for those who need to 'name that flower! 'pink, blush and ivory roses at Sage Flowers in Kingston ON. Varieties shown are esperance, white o'hara, jana and marzipan.

Garden roses don't last as long as a standard rose, but the soft blousy shape and "Real Rose' fragrance are to die for in a wedding bouquet! These O'Haras were imported from Ecuador.  Also in from Ecuador, rushed up north ahead of hurricane Irma, were standard  'Esperance' and 'Marzipan' roses.  Live from Ontario... a spray rose (multiple mini roses on a single stem) called Jana.  

If you'd like to learn more, check out the beautiful and informative florists' site . If you search their site for 'rose studies' you will find fantastic images and comparison shots of rose varieties in purple, lavender, peach, pink, and white (probably more) with detailed info on size, 'user friendliness' and vase life.  

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