How to order flowers- 5 steps! November 02 2017, 0 Comments

There's a first time for everything! Some of my customers  have never ordered flowers before.  It can be a bit intimidating, especially if you aren't 'a flower person', so here's my handy guide to ordering the best bouquet for your occasion. 

1. Contact info. If you are ordering flowers for delivery, you will need to give us your recipient's full name, address, and a contact phone.

Imagine me asking this in my Jerry Seinfeld voice: "What's with the  phone number?"   99% of the time, Canada's climate will kill flowers left outside. Most florists in our part of the world call ahead for residential deliveries. We need to make sure someone will let the driver in so flowers aren't lost, stolen, eaten by wildlife or greedy humans,  or ruined by heat or cold.  This is especially important for locked apartment buildings!  We don't say what the item is or who it's from, so there is still some element of surprise.  

Oh, and our drivers will need the actual street number... we need a 3D building with a door in it... we can't deliver to a PO Box or Rural Route number! 

2. Think of a mushy (or non-mushy) card message.  I think I put some customers on the spot with this one!

Florists enclose a small complimentary card with your order . For funeral tributes being sent by a family or group, we have larger cards to fit everyone's name and message. The typical card is  2x3", so if you have a lot to say, you might have to send a pdf to print and enclose. If you're at a loss for words, you can always keep it simple- the flowers will do the talking for you! 

3. Colours, fragrances, favourite blooms: any hints you can give us are great, even if you don't know your person's favourite flower.  Let us know if they are more of a pastel or bright colours type, and we can take it from there. 

If your recipient has any issues with fragrance and allergies, we can tone it down! Hospitals and many offices have scent free policies, so we'll choose not-smelly fleurs for these locations. 

4. To vase or not to vase?  A big mixed bunch of flowers is a beautiful, classic touch for almost every occasion!  If your bunch is going to an office or workplace, we can wrap your flowers with the last few inches of the stems bare- this makes your bouquet perfect for sticking in a sink, coffee cup, water jug etc even if there aren't any vases at the office. 

As a general rule, send flowers in a container for hospitals, funeral services, get well... any situation where you don't want the recipient to have to deal with trimming stems and finding a vase. The Kingston General Hospital will not accept flowers out of water. 

5. Size matters! :D  Space is limited in many nursing homes, hospitals, and dorms, so you might prefer something on the smaller side. I overdid it and brought my dad a HUUUuuge bouquet in the hospital last year.  His reaction? "Where the hell am I supposed to put that?!"  Thanks, Daddykins!

Sympathy arrangements being sent to a service tend to be larger and showy, especially if you were related or very close to the person who passed away. We don't have to send anything over the top, a small side table arrangement is also a lovely gesture, and easy for a family member to take home after the service.  

6. Method of payment: florists require payment before delivery.  Credit card payments can be processed online or over the phone, and some florists accept EFTs from your online banking.  For debit and cash, pop in the shop.  I've seen the odd cheque or two in my day, usually for larger purchases such as wedding flowers. Check yourself before you cheque yourself, just in case they aren't accepted. 

Any Questions? Never be afraid to ask!  If you need any help with your order or aren't sure how to proceed, always call or message your florist.  We love what we do and we want you to love the gift and message we send on your behalf.