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Sage flowers

'how I spent my summer vacation'

'how I spent my summer vacation'

The obvious way I spent my summer is 'working on weddings'. I really need to write more about weddings! But this one caught me in a weird mood. Contemplating our real lives vs social media lives, how we pictured our lives vs how they are- the in betweener bits we don't brag about. Life just happening. 

Florist life is a weird life. You don't really get weekends. You're incredibly not fun in the summer. You miss parties because of your weird schedule. 

But you also get to live on the edge of other people's exciting occasions. Big deals.  (Sometimes you even get a hug from the Mother of the Bride!)

Visits to the family cottage as friends and neighbours get ready for the ceremony, to the hotel ballroom in the morning as the kitchen is just gearing up for that evening's huge dinner, to the winery or the golf course where you wouldn't normally go on a normal weekend... 

I get around in my rusty, slightly squeaky, station wagon full of flowers.

station wagon full of white and yellow floral arrangements


AND I will have you know I got my snow tires off on July 10th this year, still beating my 2016 July 15th record. Thank you.  

It's a beautiful life, in its strange way. I can't complain too much (although I will. About the humidity. Have you SEEN my hair? Don't look at my hair.) 

But even as I try to be a grateful good blog and social media person...... I'm getting the midsummer bleurgs.  It happens every year in late July, like clockwork! 

I think it's just the long stretch of heat and humidity, pulling a couple too many late nighters that would have been a breeze in my 20s... and are less breezy in my last year of 30s....

image of liz lemon saying blerg

Good intentions to take care of the garden, finally get all that old junk out of the basement and down to the dump, organise my house like a real adult, visit people,get a real life adult routine so the house doesn't implode into filth and ruin every time I have a busy weekend.  And since weekdays are a little slow this time of year when you normal people go on vacations, I will be 110% up to date and orgainsed with emails and paper and books and bills.... .HAAAAAH

Anyone else get the midsummer bleurgs?

meh. I'm just going to say it's part of the whole season-turn-turn-circle of life. 

Have a swim and a mimosa for me!! 

PS. Since I don't really seem to have much to say for myself: Cat photo. These two idiots. I swear. If you want a 4:30 am wrestling match complete with weird 'brrrrrrp' chirping noises.... I'll send em your way. They will not help with the dishes. The end. 




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