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Changing seasons- bittersweet fall

Changing seasons- bittersweet fall

It's that time of year. Never an easy one.  It's beautiful in a lot of ways- any sun and warmth is so so welcome now, and Mother  Nature is putting on a show every sunset with all of the gold, burgundy, red and bronze leaves, .

autumn bouquet with dahlia and rudbeckia

But that beautiful sunset is at 5.  I miss my niece and nephew,I usually see them this time of year, but we couldn't make it happen this October.  

There are back to back inflatable grim reapers and Christmas trees out at the hardware stores. Ugh.  And of course any fellow SAD types out there will know that downward spiral feeling....

For me, the most bittersweet part is that our local flower farms are done for the season. Once the first frost hits, we're pretty much toast until spring. 

a moody wedding flower palette of quicksand roses and lisianthus, with chocolate queen anne's lace

I was lucky enough to get the most amazing flowers this summer, grown by Liz at Butternut Creek Farm  and Becky at Maple Ridge Farms

I sent their blooms to weddings, funerals, to welcome new babies, to mark 90th birthdays- really, the whole cycle of a human life with a shifting background of the cycle of seasonal flowers.

From the first little shoots to tulips and narcissus, to peonies, then on to dahlia and zinnia and then just plain everything all at once, just colour overload....And. the. scent. It's like supermarket tomatoes vs. garden-grown- the 'commercial stuff' just can't compete for hitting all five senses..... literal enchantment. 

close up photo of a white peony bloom

florist holding a white blush and lavender bouquet with quicksand roses and peony

I know the soil needs to rest, nature needs to do it's thing, but I miss them. Weirdly. The way you miss a person.  And I miss seeing the lovely growers who make the magic happen. (Of course THEY need a rest!  Literal blood, sweat, tears- to get the most beautiful pieces of nature at their peak. And when you're working with living things and weather, you can never predict what will happen...)  

wedding bouquet with local blooms and queen anne's lace

I was like a kid in a candy store, getting texts with photos from Becky so I could 'shop online' for wedding orders, visiting her or LIz and getting to cut my own blooms right our of the field. M-a-g-i-c. I would send Becky photos of her flowers in wedding bouquets, and she said it made her think about her flowers in a whole new way.

a vase with cosmos and trailing foliage in diffused light from a window

The local flowers make me think about everything in whole new ways, too! 

Until spring, pretty bits! 

sympathy flowers in garden style with ranunculus, dahlia and delphinium



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