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Back to school- Classroom Rules

Back to school- Classroom Rules

It actually feels like not-the-middle-of-butt-hot summer today. (fiiiinally!) and classes are back in session.

I still miss sharpening my pencils and loading up on notebook paper this time of year.  Nothing like crackin' open new office supplies!   

Anyway, with student and business deliveries picking up now that everyone's home from the cottage, I have to change a few of my flower-shop ways. 


Fall/winter hours are back- 

Tues-Friday 10am-6pm

Saturdays 10am-1pm

Sundays and Mondays- C-L-O-S-E-D  (funeral/special delivery may be available, but not guaranteed. Pre-book only.) 


Bakery and candy items

are available as add-ons to flower orders only.  I used to tack on a delivery fee and run food-only-orders out when possible, but after reviewing the numbers, I realised I  would have to add a ridiculous service&handling fee for it to make business sense.

chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing

It's better for 'foodie' customers to order directly from the bakery anyhow- less back&forth and a much bigger selection! Thanks for understanding. 

You can order online at 


Student deliveries

these are notoriously tricky due to notoriously tricky class schedules, and those youths with their friends and social lives, haha We always do our best!  

Just a reminder that our courier service offers a 90-minute delivery guarantee within city limits. We cannot deliver at an exact time. 

On-campus deliveries go to the assigned 24-hr desk for that student residence. We cannot 'text them when we're outside the building and wait for them to come down'. 

For off-campus deliveries,  someone (recipient, room mate etc) needs to be home to receive the flowers.  We need to be able to contact the recipient and confirm a delivery time before the drivers will pick up your order. 

There are a lot of reasons for this policy- Drivers need to be buzzed into secure buildings, flowers perish very quickly in hot or cold weather, and honestly, the uhhh.... 'urban wildlife population' loves things left on doorsteps, 

creatures in the queens university district

Understandably, some senders are worried this will ruin the surprise, but I can't tell you how many times the reality is "Surprise! No one's here!"  

Let me know if I can contact a room mate or partner and use them as my top secret delivery coordinator. We'll make it work for you and your favourite grad to be. 

Happy fall, all! 

autumn centrepiece with red and coral dahlia, zinnia and roses











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