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Back to (flower) school!

Back to (flower) school!

Does anyone else do this? I seem to make more real, lasting new years' resolutions in the spring and fall than on the actual new year date. Solstice? Laziness? The light at the end of the tunnel as we potentially don't live in a frozen wasteland forever and ever? Who knows!

One of my resolutions for this year is to step up my game and update my techniques and style. This is tricky to do as a one-woman businessperson whose learning preference is the classroom environment. I think I might be part eternal-student at heart; there's only so much I can absorb from videos and tutorials!  

So I am beyond thrilled to have found a lovely teacher-mentor and flower school in the big city of Toronto. I'm off to flower bootcamp on Monday March 6 and can't wait to come back with new ideas and gifts for you and yours.

PS. Will I figure out my new non-1990s smartphone and instagram in time to bring you along for the ride? Stay tuned! 

PPS. special delivery will be unavailable on Mon March 6, and the flower counter will be opening at noon on Tues March 7. I'll be able to check emails and online orders the whole time, so don't be shy! 

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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