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My favourite 2016 trend

My favourite 2016 trend

Well, my dears, once again we did it! We trimmed the tree with our perfect collection of new and family heirloom ornaments that all somehow match,  mailed our beautiful handmade cards by the end of November, and by Dec 18 we had all wrapped our  handmade locally-sourced gifts in hand stamped paper (GIFT BAGS? nuh-uhh!) 

So all we had to do was put on a beautiful but casual outfit and relax by the beautiful fireside with our perfect families, as you can see from all our perfect instagrams. 

You too, right? OBVIOUSLY.

Of course, then we all spent that weird Boxing Day -New Year- Back-to-school  lull resolving to better ourselves, plotting the measurable steps we can take to achieve our goals. Definitely not while wearing pyjamas in the afternoon... or between mouthfuls of leftover holiday chocolates...

One of my resolutions, as always, is to be a smart and wonderful social media user and enrich all your lives by sharing my articulate thoughts on all kinds of stylish things. So without further ado... go google Martha Stewart, haha

But seriously, if you're gonna make that kind of resolution in the flower world, and if you're going to update your blog for the first time in MONTHS in January, then you have to start with weddings. 

Yes ma'am and yes sir,  this is what is known as engagement and planning season. And we must talk wedding trends. 

But seriously-seriously? Whenever I read an article on wedding trends, even by my favourite famous people who inspire my work every day, there is a part of my mind that just rebels. 





Mason jars seem to come up a lot in this battle. Ok, the exclusively-in-my-mind battle. But I think they are a symbol for this pinterest pressure-trends vs what do we actually want conflict. I have adopted them as my 'do what you want' poster child. 

Yes, the California florists who invented the "Ball jars and burlap in a Napa valley vineyard" trend are ready to let it go. But why should I expect a couple getting married this year, who have been collecting photos and dreaming their daydreams about a beautiful burlap and jar wedding celebration of their own, perhaps for years, have to ditch their idea because a trend article said so? I'm not kidding, I've had brides APOLOGIZE for wanting to use mason jars. TELL ME THEY ARE SORRY FOR LIKING AND WANTING A THING TO PUT THEIR FLOWERS IN ON THEIR FRIGGING WEDDING DAY. And I don't think that should be how they feel they are obliged to feel! 

So I guess my top trend for 2016 is to check out  all the trends, take your pinterest with a grain of salt,  and then just go ahead and do what you want.

Which, in my experience, is what the couples I work with all tend to do anyway. So I'm probably worrying over nothing.

And of course I'm going to obsess and research and scour the web for what all the wedding flower people around the world are doing, because obviously we aren't all gonna carry carnation cascades like my Mom did in the 70s because I have decided to throw an imaginary hissy fit at twitter. (Although if you WANT your Mom's 70s carnation cascade,let`s do it!!)  

Part of my job IS obsessive research - I need to have a well of methods and examples ready for our wild and wonderful task of  turning your ideas into real bouquets. This is, after all,  the most rollercoaster day and amazing party you're going to throw for a good long while, and we gotta get these perishable, temporary, colourful little pieces of nature to look the way you want them to look for the day you want to have. 

But I think more importantly than it being so very shared on Instagram, or pinterest perfect, or a trend, we need to do this because I want your day to genuinely be about you and the things you like. 

I was out for brekkie with a good friend last month, and we were talking about a mutual friends' wedding, and he gave me the best quote/idea/distillation of a bunch of ideas I've heard in a good long while myself: 

"The thing I loved about their wedding was that it was just how they would spend every day if they could. The food, the flowers, the dancing, the pocket watches, the shoes. If real life wasn't a limiting factor, that's just what they would do every day' 

And I thought that was just grand. 

So let's read up on horizontal branching bouquets and compote containers and King's tables and blush and those long streamer ribbons... let's pin our fool heads off and skype about peonies.

Then let's plan the party you would throw every day if you could. 

Happy engagement rollercoaster to all those who have put a ring on it... and a very HAPPY 2016 to one and all!





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