DIY crepe paper streamer flowers April 13 2015, 0 Comments

A little Monday DIY! Materials: novelty mug of tea, scissors marked 'fabric' which you clearly use for paper, crepe streamer, faux stamens, floral tape and wire.

diy crepe papers by Sage Flowers wedding florist Kingston ON


Oooh I skipped photographing a step, sorry- tape your stamens to a longer length of wire if needed- wrap with florist's tape to secure. 

Cut out your petals Here's where you get to experiment- I find a slightly asymmetrical heart shape at the top looks more natural than a completely symmetrical 'petal' shape).  Crimp the bottom of each petal to make it 3d.  Position your petals around the fake stamens two to four at a time and wrap with the floral tape.

Sage Flowers Kingston ON wedding florist- diy tutorial for crepe paper flowers


When you're happy with the size of the bloom and the number and position of the petals, wrap the 'calyx' and down the wire stem with florist's tape, floof out the petals, and prance around/ show off your creation. 


Beaut! Perfect for a cake, your hair, or a pressie.

DIY crepe paper flower



Soon we'll see actual real flowers in the garden. Soooooon!