Sage flowers

And Wild Horses

And Wild Horses

Took a 5 day trip to Chincoteague Island VA with Mr. S.

Wild ponies. The Lighthouse. The forest. The Atlantic.

chincoteague poniesAtlantic

We arrived waaay later than expected on Friday night, but this meant we got to discover where we'd ended up as the sun rose on Saturday morning. Magic.

We had  the whole place virtually to ourselves since Chincoteague doesn't open for the season until US Spring break. Many shops and restaurants are still closed, or only open Thurs-Sun, and you can't book tours. Honestly? We LOVED it.

lighthouseheronAssateague island forest

Things to do on Chincoteague in March:

Proceed directly to Assateague Island and look for wild ponies, obviously.

ponies 2

You may also enjoy the Island Museum if it's open for 'history weekend'

Famous Pizza and Subs- PICKLE FRIES.

Ray's Shanty for seafood about 20 min off the island (weekends only in early spring- closed for the winter)

The Village restaurant on the island for seafood closer to home. If you are so inclined, eat the scallops.

The NASA visitor centre for Wallops Flight Facility on nearby Wallops Island, (we missed a rocket launch by a WEEK. Booooo)


A one hour road trip to the Evolution craft brewery in Salisbury. We missed the tours, but consoled ourselves with amazing local food, a flight and a pint. It was Spence's birthday, and the birthday kid may or may not have left the premises with a couple growlers of his favourite. He was chauffeured by station wagon for a nap on the beach, haha.

Island Creamery for ice cream. SEA SALT CARAMEL I WANT TO LIVE IN YOU.

If you can't find wild ponies, don't be sad - there are tame ponies at the McDonald'sparking lot near the bridge to the wildlife refuge, and they will be your friends if you buy them 50 cents worth of corn feed.

Things we did not do, but looked or sounded rad:

Bring binoculars. Bring a proper beach blanket for picnics and or naps.

Rent a bike.

Go check out Crisfield on the Chesapeake side, take a ferry to Smith Island, and eat an entire Smith Island cake.

Saigon Village restaurant, apparently the place to eat on Chincoteague if you have overdone it on the seafood. Or the pickle fries.

Random things to know as you head south: the Penn Turnpike is the worst and it costs $15. Ordering tea is weird. Tea is "hot tea" and iced tea is "sweet tea" or "unsweetened" tea. Anything sweet is super sweet. People will call you honey and baby but it's not creepy at all and is genuinely friendly. Ordering food will always result in too much food. But sometimes you're your own worst influence.  Like if you go for ice cream twice in one day.

And Misty of Chincoteague was not wild, but she was real.

ponies 3ponies 4duck life

Happy weekend, friends!


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