Fall in love September 12 2013, 0 Comments

Screw Valentine's, so far this September is all romance all the time.

Nothing but weddings and anniversaries, friends.  I love it!

I had the pleasure of sending out some surprises for anniversaries this week:



And September 7 was the wedding of Richelle and Matt. They chose the gorgeous Renaissance venue on Queen street for their purple and gold, calla lily and peacock themed wedding.
Of course I only got photos of the boutonnieres and corsages before my camera ran out of batteries. I have a few more on the way from an emergency borrowed camera, and I'm online-stalking their photographer as we speak. I'll let you know when I get my hands on photos!

Congratulations and many happy years to the newlyweds!

And in non-flower love news, I'm just smitten with my new kitten.

His name is Mr. Bingley, and he loves trying to bite the buttons off your clothes. When we picked him up at the shelter, they said black kittens are usually the last ones to be adopted.  :( Glad we could give a crazy little animal a good home.  I promise not to let him eat your flowers.  And he promises to keep on trying.

Happy Thursday!
PS big big thanks to everyone at The Kingston Humane Society for what they do. Everyone there is helpful, knowledgeable, and so dedicated to finding a great home for the shelter animals. Adopt your very own jackass button-chewing cat today!