A little something-something April 09 2013, 0 Comments

I was finishing up an order of small hand-tied bouquets for a corporate client* when I realised one of her bouquets was going to the hospital, where they do not allow flowers without a container.

One tiny upcycled blue vase and two crazy-bright orange gerberas to the rescue!


The dark-green bit of vine is grape ivy, my new favourite go-to foliage.

Bud vases usually bore me. This one made me take pictures. And possibly make squealy noises and talk to myself.

This working from home thing, I tell ya. I should just go out and buy eighteen cats and a set of old-school hair curlers and get it over with.

But, on the plus side- bright blue and orange!

Happy Tuesday.

*the lovely, always smiling, BILINGUAL mortgage broker, Raquel Welch, of Mortage Professionals East Side, should you require help with that sort of a thing.