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Ontario State of Emergency measures

Hello friends and customers,

thank you so much for bearing with me during the past year, and the early days of this new year.

While Ontario is under stay-at-home measures, I am going to have to change how I do what I do.

Unfortunately, this will affect what I can offer you all: it will mean less-service, less-flexibility and accommodation, less-availability, less selection- and I am very sorry.

1. Same Day delivery may not be possible. I’ve dropped/lost/misfiled more orders in the past week than in my entire career to date. With lovely Miss Julianna working from home for now, I have to admit I can’t handle a normal workload anymore.

Please give as much notice as possible. I am going to have to limit the number of orders I take on ,and cut off ordering earlier and more frequently than in normal times.

2. No pickups. Delivery only for now.

I know that curbside pickup is technically legal, but if we’re not supposed to leave our homes for reasons other than picking up meds, food, or exercising, then I am not encouraging people to leave their home and come here for flowers. This may change as the rules are (hopefully?) made clear to us all.

2b. In-city delivery only. I am not asking my drivers or volunteering myself to leave city limits while we’re under stay at home orders. Sorry for any disappointment. I will be happy to suggest florists closer to your destination.

3. Flower selection is ‘we’ll get what we can get’. I will try my best to honour requests for flowers, colours, etc. but I have already seen a drop off in selection and availability. It isn’t growing season in our part of the world, and worldwide, growers are living with just as much job uncertainty as the rest of us, Transport/shipping/imports are in chaos as COVID 19 2nd and 3rd waves affect us all around the world.

Thank you again for your patience and grace. Looking forward to sunnier days... and maybe even seeing you in real life again soon!

Sincerley, Jen

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